About the Museum

Wujoud, the Arabic word for "Existence" is a Cultural Center and Museum set within a 650 year old building owned by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate and donated to the Arab Orthodox Society (Hamilat Al-Tieb), Jerusalem.
Wujoud situated in the heart of the Christian Quarter, inside Jaffa Gate, overlooks one of the two Old City dry pools, Hezekiah's Pool which is" the Bath of the Patriarchs".
Wujoud survived different reigns and rulers. Built during the Mamluk's period, turned to a coffee shop by the Ottomans for their military, used as residential homes during the British Mandate and the Jordanian rule, then neglected for 42 years. The building was rehabilitated in 2008/2009 and inaugurated on May 14, 2010.
Wujoud includes an ethno-museum, cultural center and a cafeteria. It also enjoys lovely verandas (Mashrabia's) and views overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. It also offers traditional meals, light breakfasts, lunches and dinners prepared by Palestinian women upon orders. The facility can fit 120 people to enjoy the amazing traditional Palestinian food. The cultural center can seat up to 70 persons.