Welcome to Wujoud

Visit us and explore Palestinian heritage in Wujoud museum in the Old City of Jerusalem.Make a reservation to enjoy our special Palestinian cuisine .


Palestinian embroidery is a popular handicraft that has been produced by Palestinian women for hundreds of years.


Pottery in Palestine refers to pottery and ceramics produced in the historic region of Palestine by local and foreign artisans and ceramicists.The history of pottery in Palestine describes its discovery and cultural development in Syro-Palestinian archaeology until the modern day.


Wujoud, the Arabic word for "Existence" is a Cultural Center and Museum set within a 650 year old building owned by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate and donated to the Arab Orthodox Society (Hamilat Al-Tieb), Jerusalem.

Wujoud situated in the heart of the Christian Quarter, inside Jaffa Gate, overlooks one of the two Old City dry pools, Hezekiah's Pool which is" the Bath of the Patriarchs".